A Taste of Capoeira

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"A Taste of Capoeira: Batizado Time!!!!!" is a feature length documentary that takes viewers behind the scenes of Capoeira's biggest annual event, a Batizado.

What is a Batizado? A Batizado is a Capoeira graduation ceremony and celebration. Capoeira academies around the world host Batizado's annually and the event draws a migration of Capoeiristas from all over the world to celebrate the art of Capoeira.

The movie also gives incite as to why Capoeira is "culture" and not just another trend. Look for the movie at film festivals and online this summer!

This is the second feature film and first feature length documentary for director Kamal Robinson. But this is also the second in the "Taste of Capoeira" series which focuses on documenting the real lives of Capoeiristas and the unique way's the game of Capoeira has made a home in urban environments around the world.
Enjoy this short film episode of A Taste of Capoeira which dives into the Downtown Los Angeles Capoeira scene!

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